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Shilton Parish and its villages

Shilton Parish encompasses the villages of Shilton, Bradwell Village, Sturt and Stonelands and is an historic, conservation area of outstanding beauty. 


Bradwell Village is  a newly developed village built on the site of an old military hospital. It is a private development, situated 2 miles south of Burford, consisting of approximately 147 dwellings, a Village Hall and the ElizabethFinn Private Nursing Home.  The Cotswold Wildlife Park is within walking distance.


Stonelands is at the opposite end of the Parish. It is thought the name of this hamlet is derived from the name Sworn Lains, a reference to its use as a retreat for fallen women to give birth to their children outside any church parish boundary. In the 17th century, this corner of the country was in a space between the boundaries of Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire.


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Shilton is a Cotswold Parish of three communities:

Shilton,  Bradwell Village and Stonelands 

Shilton is sited on the banks of the Shill Brook that feeds into the River Thames. It remains unspoiled as a farming village and has been awarded Conservation Area Status for its location and appearance. It  has retained its meadows that sweep down to the heart of the village. 


Shilton was a Saxon tun , a village on a ledge or bank, belonging, before the Norman Conquest, to the Godwin family. Through Harold Godwinson, killed at Hastings in 1066, it passed to the crown under William the Conqueror. As a crown property Shilton was not included in the Domesday Book.


Roman Akeman Street runs through the west of the Parish of Shilton - however, other than a few coins, there has been no further evidence of a Roman settlement.


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