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Neighbourhood Plan

Shilton's Neighbourhood Plan
Shilton Parish Council has taken steps to develop policies which will soon be included in a new Neighbourhood Plan for the parish of Shilton.
It will incorporate the communities of Shilton, Bradwell Village, Stonelands and Sturt.
What is a Neighbourhood Plan?
It is  a new way of helping our local community influence the planning of the area in which we live and work and at the same time preserve  our heritage and conservation area.
The Neighbourhood Plan has been led by members of our community and is part of the Government’s recently revised approach to planning, which aims to give local people more say about what happens in the area in which they live.
It will:
  • Provide a shared vision for the neighbourhood
  • Choose where new homes, and other development should be built
  • Identify and protect local green spaces.
  • Influence how what new buildings should look like
Shilton Neighbourhood Plan Consultation  Final Version
Shilton Consultation Document Final Version
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Policy Map
Shilton Community Right to Build Order Submission Order
Shilton Community Right to Build Order Submission Order Appendices


What is a Community Right to Build Order ?
A Community Right to Build Order (CRTBO) Submission is comparable to a Planning Application, but with two key differences:
1. A  CRTBO can only be submitted by a community group or organisation (and so are usually drafted to deliver community benefit).
2. A CRTBO can only be approved or ‘made’ if the local community votes in favour of it at a referendum. (A Planning Application is ‘granted’, whereas a ‘Submission’ CRTBO is ‘made’ - the result is however basically the same that the proposals set out become accepted under planning law).
The right of qualifying bodies, in this case Shilton Parish Council, to produce and submit a Community Right to Build Orders is granted under the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.
Why has Shilton Parish Council submitted this CRTBO? The Council has prepared this CRTBO to support the Neighbourhood Plan which includes a policy allocating this site for the delivery of a village green and an affordable housing scheme to serve the parish.
A CRTBO can support a neighbourhood plan in a number of ways:
1.  By illustrating in greater detail particular proposals set out within the Neighbourhood Plan and thus give the
     community a better idea of what is intended.
2.  By giving the community the opportunity to decide whether or not to support these particular proposals. o if the
     proposals are voted for, then the local authority (West Oxfordshire District Council) will ‘make’ the Order. This will
     be the equivalent to giving this policy within the neighbourhood plan the equivalent of an outline planning
     consent which will bring it that much closer to being delivered.