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 Shilton Community Hub
The  Shilton Village Facebook page helps everyone to stay in touch.

Shilton Parish Council Meetings  
7.30pm at the Village Hall
2021 meetings
             Thursday   29th  July
             Thursday   21st October 
             Thursday   9th December 
   Please contact the clerk for the
   agenda which will be published one
   week prior to the meeting..

   Latest SPC  draft minutes for
   April Annual Parish Meeting and 
   April Annual Council Meeting


   Shilton Village  Newsletter  

   detailing all the latest  village events

Neighbourhood Watch 

Neighbourhood Watch  is making a

difference to our community.

Membership is free

email: Sarah Royle:

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      New Appointment
      Shilton Parish Council is pleased to announce   
      the appointment of Gina Pearce, our new clerk.
      Gina has taken over from Ann  who has recently
      re- located to Somerset. 
       Coronavirus restrictions 17th May

       Please remember to wear a mask and keep a 

       2 m social distance  from others.


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